Hornblower on the silver screen

Serie I

The Evan Chance

Unstable peace with France is still on and Royal Navy lays on anchors in ports. Mood aboard is getting unmaintainable. At this time a young midshipman joins the navy – Horatio Hornblower. His age, seasickness in the harbor and his roots makes him an ideal target of his fellow-midshipmen. But Hornblower decides to end this matter for once with a duel…

The Examination for Lieutenant

Monthes of service steeled Hornblwer mentally as well as physically. But is he able to pass the examination?

The Dutchess and the Devil

Transportation of a certain lady to Britain ends for Hornblower in Spanish captivity. What are his chances to get away and back to his homeland and back to the navy?

The Frogs and the Lobsters

French Roylist – grouped in Britain – asked Royal Navy for transport back to continent – to the French soil. By a surprise attack they want to take over of the capital and restore the regime. And Hornblower has to acompany them. Would he able to get back to Indifetigable after Roaylists are defeated?

Serie II


Hornblower is posted do frigate Renown. But once respected captain Sawyer does not behave as a captain of war navy of his majesty. Hornblower would like to do something against it but to stand against the captain means to start revolt and that is not only in contradiction with navy laws but with Hornblower morale as well.


Change of leadership at Renown did not improved the situation. Could Hornblower keep himself cool-headed and deal with uprising situation?

Serie III


Year 1803, unstable peace with France malaises not only the navy. Messages about upcoming French war-actions appears more and more frequently. Moreover, it seems that Irish want to abuse this situation. There is only one way to verify French preparations for war and Hornblower takes the mission that would bring him to the French soil itself.


Just married Hornblower is sent to another dangerous mission that would take him to the coasts of France – it is necessary to find out what is really happening in France and furhtermore to find out what happened to captain Bracigirdel who lead the previous mission with the same objective.

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