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There is never enough of information :-). If you know about some other link that shall not be missing here, please, let me know. Thanks.

Do not try to find any order in these links – I have put them here in the order I came across them (in the brackets after the description is written the name of used distribution and article modification date – if I found these out).

Multiseat X Under X11R6.9/7.0
one of the first (and most cited) guides for multiseat [Red Hat; 2005–12–05]
Multiseat on Wikipedia
guidepost and basic description (though not very up-to-date)
Dual-seat X using a single dual-head card
description of multiseat setup on signel graphics card by the author of XevdevServer
Build a Six-Headed, Six-User Linux System
six multiseat tutorial (6 graphics cards) [Mandriva]
Build a 6 user multiseat via 3 dualhead video cards
another tutorial on multiseat for 6 users (but using only 3 graphics cards) [SUSE; 2006–07–25]
Multiseat computer with Ubuntu
multiseat with single graphics card for 2 users using (modified) Xephyr [Ubuntu; 2006–09–09]
Another Quick How-To for Dual-X-Headed/Legged Linux
a bit older how-to that requires kernel patching [Debian; 2003–03–14, 2006–02–27]
XFree Local Multi-User HOWTO
another guide using modified kernel [2004–08–14]
Linuxová kouzla I / Multiseat
Czech tutorial describing building of multi graphical cards multiseat [SUSE; 2007–04–17]

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