My programs

Chemical nomenclature converter

This program I wrote as an assessment (hope this is the right word for it) for the subject Non-procedural Programming. It is a short Prolog script that is able to convert between formula and its name of anorganical reactant in Czech nomenclature. If you want to have a look, feel free to download it (tar.bz2, 12KB).

Source code editor OtterEdit

This was an assessment for subject OOP in C++. It is very simple text editor with abilities to highlight syntax, manage projects and compile programs via call to make.

OtterEdit was written using wxWidgets library, that is multiplatform, but I developed this software primarily for Linux (originally, the idea was to create a PSPad equivalent, but that was too big task – on the other hand, OtterEdit has quite a lot of functions). For highlighting, wxSTC component is used – wxSTC is derived from SciTE/SCIntilla widget/editor.

Download: OtterEdit 0.3.5 (tar.gz, 84KB)

The newest version is now available for download via SVNrepository at (compiling process is the same).

svn checkout '' otteredit


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